Financial Aid

What is FAFSA/ Cal Grant? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid determines your eligbility for the Pell Grant, up to $5,550 , Federal loans, and Federal work-study. The FAFSA must be filled out to receive any Cal Grant award, which is need and merit based. We need your social security number  to submit your GPA to CALGrant.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is available starting January 8, 2015

Come and fill out your FAFSA before the Due Date on March 2nd!

Need help? No problem! The College and Career Center will be holding FAFSA Days that are dedicated to helping students complete their FAFSA. Students and parents are invited to come into the College and Career Center. Please make an appointment by signing up in the office or email Mrs. Kerchner at lkerchner

Please check the College Packet that was handed out to Seniors and Juniors in December. All sample forms needed for financial aid are included in the packet.

What you need to bring… If you do not receive any of these materials, do not worry about bringing it in.

Current bank balance of all checking/savings accounts for student and parent(s)

Untaxed income for student and parent(s) (eg. child support)

Students need to bring:

Social Security Number and full legal name

Tax information (1040 form) if filing 2013 taxes (and IRS Pin)

Drivers License

List of colleges you are applying to

Parent(s) need to bring (or student on behalf of parents):

Social Security Numbers and full legal names for both parents

Date of Birth for both parents

Date of Marriage/ Divorce for parents

Email for parent

Tax information (1040 form) for 2013 (and IRS Pin) or 2012 if you have not filed yet

Number of people in your household